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The Selyemrét Bath has been completely renewed by July 2013. Thanks to the extensions the open-air Baths now receives guests in a 3.5-hectare park area with 6 pools of a combined water surface of 2728 square metres offering a range of new wellness services for undisturbed relaxation.

The Selyemrét Bath lies near Tiszai railway station, at a location that is easy to reach from the city center as well.
3527 Miskolc, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Endre utca 58.



In addition to serving our guests, the swimming pool hosts swimming and water-polo trainings, under-18 group therapeutic swimming and swimming classes for elementary schools both in summer and winter. Outside the open-air season the pool is covered with an air-supported tent assuring a suitable environment for swimming and water sports all the year round.
Water surface: 50 m x 20 m
Water temperature: 27-29 ºC
Depth: 0.9 m–1.95 m
Open all year.


Where several massaging water jets, neck showers, underwater massaging water jets help you relax with thoroughly massaging areas of the back, shoulders or waist. The recreational pool is open to the public all throughout the year.
Water surface: 232 m²
Water temperature: 32-33 ºC
Depth: 0.75 m–1.0 m
Open all year.


Where bubble beds, bubble benches and standing bubble baths assure a most pleasant spa experience.
Water surface: 727 m²
Water temperature: 32-34 ºC
Depth: 0.9 m-1.25 m
Open: 01 May - 30 September. Miskolc Turisztikai Ltd – who operates the swimming pool – decides about opening of pools linked to beginning and end of high season.


Exhilarating experience for adrenalin addicts in a system consisting of 3 slides. a family slide, a Kamikaze slide, and an anaconda slide offer endless joy to adventurous children and adults alike.
Starting height: 9 m and 12 m
Water surface: 206 m²
Water temperature: 26-28 ºC
Depth: 0.9 m-1.2 m
Open: 01 May - 31 August.


Ighly suitable for people who are not confident swimmers or for those who would like to take part in free water aerobic shows on hot summer days or regular water aerobic trainings.
Water surface: 425 m²
Water temperature: 26-28 ºC
Depth: 0.9 m-1.2 m
Open: 01 May - 31 August.


Excellent enjoyment for the youngest is guaranteed by attractions like the water castle with a winding mini slide, a water cannon, water drips and umbrella features.
Water surface: 138 m²
Water temperature: 29 ºC to 31 ºC
Depth: 0.35 m – 0.66 m – 0.79 m
Open: 01 May - 31 August.


If you wish to relax, refresh and detoxify you can use the lava stone Finnish sauna that can house up to 15 people, or the infrared sauna and you can cool your body after the sauna either in a 16-18 °C immersion barrel, or with a barrel shower or a conventional shower.
Why is the sauna recommended all the year round?
Regularly taking the sauna helps your body get rid of the accumulating toxic agents, since the heat in the sauna make you perspire, the pores of your body become wider making it easier to eliminate harmful substances. This process can be further accelerated and made more effective by consuming a lot of water during and after taking the sauna, enhancing the secretion of harmful substances.
Since these substances get to the surface of the skin through the pores, it is justified to take a shower right after the sauna.
SThe kind of the shower may vary depending on the type of sauna being used, and experts recommend lukewarm or cold shower after the use of the Finnish type sauna, plus a couple of minutes of rest, since in the hot sauna and the cold bath your circulation improves, your heart rate quickens, and the rest is recommended to give your body the chance to get into a more relaxed state.
A separate ticket or season ticket is to be bought if you want to use the sauna.
Open all year.


Our animators lead free water aerobics shows in the educational pool on an hourly basis between 11am and 4pm depending on the weather conditions and the demand of the public. Anyone wishing to do water aerobics on a regular basis with the help of a professional trainer is welcome to our regular water aerobics sessions at Selyemrét Bath twice a week.
Suitable for everyone, regardless of age or sex. Enjoyable exercise in water even for those who cannot swim.


Children under 18 can take part in group therapeutical swimming at our premises on medical recommendation.


Swimming classes for all age groups! Professional teachers cater for the needs of anyone wishing to learn to swim.
Season tickets for swimming classes must be bought at the ticket office.
For more information call 0646/411-399.


Water polo sport can not exist without a serious swimming base. MEAFC and DVSC sport clubs practise and care for young people and children. They keep training more times a week in the 50 m swimming pool for having proper outfit.


(between May 1. and August 31.)
Open from Monday till Sunday, between 09.00 AM and 19.00 PM
Lido buffet
Café –ice cream bar
Fried dough and pencake bar
Fried dough II.


Our souvenir shop is open in high season between 9.00 AM and 19.00 PM with wide range of goods. Blowable swimming balls, swimming rings, water toys, cards, swimming caps and sun creams are available next to health products (i.e. swimming diapers).


Sport lovers can play volleyball, football or try out their skills in teng feet – in addition to swimming.


Our price list adapts our wide palette of services to the needs of our guests in a way that the selection of entrance tickets, season tickets and additional service fees gives everyone the chance to find combinations best suited for their needs.

More information: 46 350 425
The Selyemrét Bath is operated by: MISKOLCI TURISZTIKAI KFT.
Representative: Tibor Beke, managing director
Tax No. of the operating company: 14140549-2-05
Seat of the Operating Company: 3519 Miskolctapolca, Pazár István sétány 1.

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