A Selyemréti Strandfürdő a Miskolc Csoport tagja


The Selyemrét Bath lies near Tiszai railway station, at a location that is easy to reach from the city center as well.

3527 Miskolc, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Endre utca 58.

You can reach Selyemrét Bath, both from the city centre and from Tiszai station by trams No 1, 1A or 2, or buses No 1,  1B,  3*, 3A*, 7, 21, 101B, 30 or 31.
(* Buses No. 3 and 3A will temporarily reach the Selyemréti Bath bus stop from 13 September 2020 due to the construction of the Y-bridge.)

Cash desks:


The Selyemrét Bath is operated by: Miskolci Fürdők Kft.

Representative: Koreny György

Tax No. of the operating company: 14140549-2-05

Seat of the Operating Company: 3519 Miskolctapolca, Pazár István sétány 1.