A Selyemréti Strandfürdő a Miskolc Csoport tagja


If you wish to relax, refresh and detoxify you can use the lava stone Finnish sauna that can house up to 15 people, or the infrared sauna and you can cool your body after the sauna either in a 16-18 °C immersion barrel, or with a barrel shower or a conventional shower.

Why is the sauna recommended all the year round?

Regularly taking the sauna helps your body get rid of the accumulating toxic agents, since the heat in the sauna make you perspire, the pores of your body become wider making it easier to eliminate harmful substances. This process can be further accelerated and made more effective by consuming a lot of water during and after taking the sauna, enhancing the secretion of harmful substances.

Since these substances get to the surface of the skin through the pores, it is justified to take a shower right after the sauna.

The kind of the shower may vary depending on the type of sauna being used, and experts recommend lukewarm or cold shower after the use of the Finnish type sauna, plus a couple of minutes of rest, since in the hot sauna and the cold bath your circulation improves, your heart rate quickens, and the rest is recommended to give your body the chance to get into a more relaxed state.

A separate ticket or season ticket is to be bought if you want to use the sauna.

Open all year.