A Selyemréti Strandfürdő a Miskolc Csoport tagja


Our animators lead free water aerobics shows in the educational pool on an hourly basis between 11am and 4pm depending on the weather conditions and the demand of the public. Anyone wishing to do water aerobics on a regular basis with the help of a professional trainer is welcome to our regular water aerobics sessions at Selyemrét Bath twice a week.

Suitable for everyone, regardless of age or sex. Enjoyable exercise in water even for those who cannot swim.


Benevolent effects of water aerobics include:

  • as a result of the density of water movements can be carried out with considerable resistance
  • gentle on the joints
  • promotes the formation of muscular corset around the spine
  • improves circulation and promotes venous back flow
  • strengthens breathing muscles, makes breathing more efficient
  • improves cellular metabolism
  • decreases muscular tone and has spasmolytic effects
  • promotes relaxation
  • reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • fights cellulite

Time of sessions:

Out of the season (between 1st October - 30th April) on Monday and Wednesday: 18:00–19:00

During the season (between 1st May - 15th June) on Monday and Wednesday: 18:00–19:00
During the season (between 16th June - 30th September) on Monday and Wednesday: 18:30–19:30


Erika Frigyik, water aerobics trainer